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VisuXL is an eye drop treatment for dry eye disease and for aiding recovery following eye surgery. Containing a unique combination of Coenzyme Q10 and cross-linked hyaluronic acid, VisuXL is preservative free, contact lens friendly and the multidose bottles can be used for sixty days after opening, with dosing from just two drops per day.

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A unique combination of key ingredients

When you drop VisuXL into your eye, the one-of-a-kind formulation means the two main ingredients work closely together on the eye’s surface. While cross-linked hyaluronic acid gives you lasting relief from symptoms, the Coenzyme Q10 supports recovery of the underlying damage caused by dry eye disease and eye surgery
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VisuXL | Scientifically proven effective in dry eye

Where to buy VisuXL eye drops?

VisuXL is a CE Mark Medical Device developed and produced by VISUfarma. VisuXL can be purchased via VISUfarma regional offices, VISUfarma sales representatives or possibly at your local hospital, pharmacy or preferred online retailer.

In addition to our regional offices VISUfarma works with a variety of international distributors who supply VisuXL to global markets. Contact us to check the availability of VisuXL in your country of residence.

Experience the benefits of VisuXL

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