About Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease (DED) is a common condition which affects a variety of people for a number of reasons. The symptoms can range from mild to severe and may be constant or episodic.

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What is DED?

Dry eye disease, or DED, is sometimes referred to as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, dysfunctional tear syndrome, lacrimal keratoconjunctivitis, lasik-induced neurotrophic epitheliopathy, dry eye syndrome or simply ‘dry eyes’.

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Causes of DED

Dry eye disease is a multifactorial disease, meaning it could be caused by one or more of a variety of factors. The condition may be chronic or episodic and the most common possible causes may include age, hormones, eye surgery or excessive use of screens.

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Symptoms of DED

The symptoms of dry eye disease vary and may change depending on the season or your environment. Symptoms may occur infrequently and only be mildly irritating but it’s also possible they are constant and affect your daily life.

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More questions about dry eye?

Do you still have questions about dry eye disease? Try checking out our dry eye FAQ page and you may find the answers you’re looking for.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, make an appointment with your eye doctor for more information on dry eye disease.