VisuXL | The innovation in dry eye

VisuXL is a premium eye drop treatment for dry eye disease and aiding recovery following eye surgery.

VisuXL is the only eye drop treatment which combines cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The unique combination of ingredients work closely together on the eye’s surface to provide lasting relief and recovery.

The cross-linked HA creates a stable liquid matrix on the surface of the eye which provides lasting symptom relief. Meanwhile, the CoQ10 accelerates recovery and helps treat the underlying damage caused by dry eye.

VisuXL Product

How does it work?

VisuXL’s unique formulation means it is unlike any other eye drop. Discover how the patented technology not only provides lasting symptom relief and recovery but improves underlying damage caused by dry eye and accelerates recovery post-surgery.

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How to apply VisuXL

VisuXL comes in a 5 or 10 ml multi-dose eye dropper bottle. The design of the bottle allows the VisuXL formulation to be preservative-free. VisuXL can be used starting from just two drops per day and can be used for 60 days after opening.

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Results of VisuXL

Patients treated with VisuXL experience a reduction in the damage caused by dry eye disease and reduced symptoms overall. Additionally, VisuXL has been shown to protect from surgery-related damage and speed up post-surgical recovery.

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Questions about VisuXL?

For additional product information and a list of most frequently asked questions view our VisuXL FAQ page

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