VisuXL is intended for use in the treatment of dry eye and to aid recovery following eye surgery

VisuXL Product

By using as few as two drops per day (or as directed by your doctor) VisuXL has been clinically proven to improve the underlying damage caused by dry eye, provide lasting relief from dry eye symptoms, protect against surgery related damage and even speed up post-surgical recovery.1,2,3,4

Read the results of various clinical studies below or simply this:

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People feel better when treated with VisuXL.1

VisuXL and dry eye

VisuXL is suitable for all types of dry eye and all severities of symptoms (for more information on types of dry eye, visit What is dry eye page). A study conducted with patients aged 18 – 80 years old and suffering from varying degrees of dry eye compared the treatment outcomes of VisuXL and an alternative linear HA based treatment (an eye drop with linear HA is considered the standard dry eye treatment).1

VisuXL performed better than the alternate treatment in both reducing the signs (what a doctor will test for) and symptoms (what a patient experiences) of dry eye disease.1

The key highlights of this study are as follows:

  • In 3 months patients treated with VisuXL experience a 4-fold reduction in corneal damage. Patients treated with the alternative treatment experienced no statistically significant change in corneal damage.1
  • In 3 months patients treated with VisuXL compared to those treated with the alternative treatment report overall better vision related function and improved quality of life.1

With the ability to stay on the eye longer due to the cross-linking technology, this means VisuXL is able to relieve the irritating symptoms of dry eye while simultaneously accelerating recovery of underlying damage all from just two drops per day.1,2

VisuXL and surgery

While surgical procedures have greatly improved in recent years leading to quicker recovery time and fewer complications, with any ocular procedure there is the risk of surgery related damage or surgery induced dry eye.4,5 The studies summarised above illustrate that VisuXL significantly reduces the symptoms of dry eye and treats any underlying damage. For patients suffering from surgery induced dry eye VisuXL may be used to treat symptoms while the area fully recovers and returns to its pre-surgical state.

Additionally, VisuXL has also been clinically proven to speed up the recovery time of post-surgical patients. In fact, in a clinical study the CoQ10 in VisuXL was able to recover surgery induced corneal damage three times faster than the control (standard saline solution).4      

If you have any type of eye surgery coming up, be sure to ask your eye doctor if VisuXL is right for you.