About Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural substance which is present in and produced by every cell in the human body. CoQ10 has a variety of important functions within the body.

Get to know CoQ10

CoQ10 has an important role in a variety of cellular functions, this means it is responsible for the health of virtually all tissues and cells in the body.

CoQ10’s two main roles are to help with energy production and to protect healthy cells from damage.

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CoQ10 and health

CoQ10 is an essential substance in the human body. CoQ10 levels are highest in parts of the body where there is high energy turnover.

There are a variety of conditions which may decrease CoQ10 levels ranging from ageing to certain diseases.

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CoQ10 in VisuXL

As one of the key ingredients in VisuXL, CoQ10 re-energises the cells on the surface of the eye, restoring the damage caused by dry eye disease.

Additionally, CoQ10 speeds up recovery following eye surgery and protects from surgery related damage.

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