CoQ10 is one of two key ingredients in VisuXL which works to provide lasting dry eye symptom relief and recovery to the damage caused by dry eye and eye surgery.

VisuXL is the only therapy which uses the patented technology combination of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (cross-linked HA) and Coenzyme Q10. When you administer a drop of VisuXL into your eye, the two ingredients work together on the eye’s surface to give you lasting relief from symptoms and accelerate recovery of damage caused by dry eye and eye surgery.

CoQ10 accelerates ocular surface recovery and corneal damage

When you have dry eye disease, the surface of your eye (commonly referred to as the ocular surface) may be damaged. The CoQ10 molecules in VisuXL re-energise the cells in the surface of the eye and protect them from harmful oxidative damage. With the renewed energy, the cells are then able to return to normal function. This means that not only does VisuXL relieve your dry eye symptoms, but actually reduces the damage caused by the disease.1

Additionally, even successful eye surgeries can aggravate or damage the ocular surface or cornea.2 When treated with VisuXL after surgery, patients recovered three times faster than with standard solution alone.3  

Cross-linked HA and CoQ10

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a common ingredient in eye drops due to its lubricating properties. It acts on the surface of the eye to give relief to most dry eye symptoms. Most HA containing eye drops use linear HA, the HA in VisuXL is cross-linked and not linear.

When you drop VisuXL into your eye, a few things happen. First, the HA starts to work to relieve dry eye symptoms. While this is happening the cross-linked technology is simultaneously creating a lasting liquid matrix on the surface of the eye. The matrix can capture the CoQ10 molecules and hold them gently in place. CoQ10 then gets to work re-energising the cells and protecting vulnerable cells from damage (oxidative stress).

The liquid matrix means VisuXL stays on the surface of the eye longer, maximising the effects of the drop and meaning you need to administer fewer drops per day.4 Starting from just two drops per day VisuXL offers lasting symptom relief and recovery from the damage caused by both dry eye and eye surgery.

If you have questions about whether VisuXL is right for you, ask your eye doctor today.