Unsurprisingly, a common symptom of dry eye disease is a drying sensation in your eyes.

The feeling of dryness is often somewhat mild for most people, but in certain cases it can be intense and even painful. If your eyes feel most dry immediately upon waking, it could be that you are sleeping with your eyelids partially open. Being exposed to the air overnight can cause the surface of your eyes to dry out and cause discomfort and pain upon waking. Talk to your eye doctor about using a gel or ointment intended for nighttime use.

Dry eyes associated with dry eye disease could also possibly get worse as the day progresses or while completing certain tasks such as reading or computer work.

When to see your eye doctor

Dry eyes can be an uncomfortable nuisance and also get in the way of day to day life. Additionally, if left untreated, in some cases dry eyes can lead to damage of the surface of your eye and painful inflammation. If you are experiencing uncomfortable dryness schedule a meeting with your eye doctor.

More symptoms of Dry Eye Disease