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Everyone knows eating healthy can help you stay fit, look great and feel your best. But did you also know it can benefit your eyes?

Your eyes are an organ just like your heart or liver and need specific nutrients to function properly. You can help your eyes out by eating foods which are rich in certain eye friendly components. The following foods are great for your eyes and a natural way to promote eye health

  • Dark leafy greens

    Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, collard greens and Swiss chard are all very high in lutein and zeaxanthin. These hard to pronounce nutrients are vital for maintaining proper eye function. Big salads are both filling and delicious and can incorporate both dark leafy greens and many of the foods below

  • Bright orange vegetables

    Vegetables such as carrots, squash, orange bell peppers and sweet potatoes all get their color from beta-carotene. The body converts this ingredient into Vitamin A which is a vital nutrient for the eye. Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in these vegetables as many are in season. Roast them, bake them or even eat them raw to enjoy their full nutrient potential

  • Fish

    Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This may help protect against a variety of eye conditions including dry eyes. Whether or not you’re a seafood lover there’s no denying fish can be a great staple in any diet. If fish isn’t your thing, try starting with a more mild seafood such as crab and see if you can work your way to enjoying a bigger variety

  • Eggs

    Eggs are high in vitamins and nutrients including lutein and vitamin A. These both promote normal eye function. Whether they’re in a scramble, baked, for breakfast or dinner eggs can make a great staple in any diet

  • Citrus fruits

    Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and tangerines are all packed full of vitamin C, which is crucial to maintain healthy eyes. Freshly squeezed or sliced as a snack you can never have too much citrus

  • Berries

    Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and most all berries contain extremely high levels of antioxidants. Red berries also contain beta-carotene, another eye friendly nutrient. Make sure to take full advantage of berry season by stocking up and freezing some for the winter! They make great additions to smoothies, desserts and breakfast parfaits

  • Nuts

    Certain nuts, such as walnuts, are rich in both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E – both substances which are crucial for eye health. Rather than going for a bag of crisps, why not opt for some walnuts? These are specifically high in fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients

  • Seeds

    Whether it’s sunflower, pumpkin or sesame, seeds aren’t just for the birds! Most seeds are excellent sources of vitamin E and zinc, both key nutrients for eye health. Next time you make a salad, smoothie or even dessert go ahead and try to top it off with a sprinkling of seeds

There is such a large variety of foods that are great for your eyes that it should be easy to eat vision friendly foods all year round.