If you constantly feel like you have an eyelash, grain of sand or other foreign object in your eye it could be a sign of dry eye disease.

The feeling of something in your eye is commonly referred to as ‘foreign body sensation’. This feeling, that something is ‘in’ your eye, is quite common among dry eye patients.

What makes my eye feel that way?

When you have dry eye disease, the surface of your eye may become damaged. A group of these damaged cells may result in the feeling of something foreign, say a grain of sand, in your eye. The end result could be an overall gritty sensation or the feeling of a small particle in your eye which tends to get worse when you blink.

When to contact an eye doctor

The feeling of something in your eye will in any case cause quite a disturbance to your life, so should the issue persist it is best to contact your eye doctor to treat the underlying cause. If the feeling ever becomes painful or should you think there may actually be something in your eye which needs to be addressed, contact your eye doctor immediately.

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