Most people experience itchy eyes at one point or another and generally the symptom is harmless and clears up on its own.

Generally speaking, itchy eyes are typically caused by some type of allergy. Allergens, such as pollen or pet hair, cause a substance known as histamines to be released into the tissues surrounding the eyes. The histamines cause you to itch and possibly become red and swollen. Some people only suffer from allergies such as this in certain seasons, namely springtime when substances such as pollen are abundant in the air, while some people suffer year round.

Itchy eyes as a symptom of dry eye

While itchy eyes are frequently the result of an allergy, in some cases mildly itchy eyes can point to dry eye disease. Additionally, certain medications you may take to control your allergies, such as some anti-histamines, may cause dry eye symptoms.1

When to contact an eye doctor

If you are experiencing severe itchy eyes or for a prolonged period of time  contact your eye doctor.

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