Have you recently been diagnosed with dry eye?
Read the best tips and tricks for managing the disease below.

While the diagnosis may seem daunting at first there are a variety of things you can do which will minimise symptoms and make life a little easier. Besides following a treatment plan as decided upon by you and your eye doctor, pay close attention to when you experience symptoms. There are most likely situations which act as triggers and make your eyes feel worse.
Once you have identified these, you can find ways to avoid them in order to prevent the symptoms from occurring. Read below to see some of the most common triggers for dry eye symptoms and ways to avoid them.


Proper contact lens usage

To minimise your chances of developing dry eye as a result of wearing contact lenses it is important...
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Get plenty of sleep

Sleep deprivation has been shown to lead to slower reflex times, an overall decrease in functional performance, increased...
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Eat healthy

Your eyes are an organ just like your heart or liver and need specific nutrients to function properly....
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Practice the 20/20/20 rule

Whenever you are focusing on a set task which requires heightened concentration you tend to blink less. This...
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Quit smoking

It is quite well established that smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that it...
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Avoid air in your eyes

While it may seem like a good idea to point a fan directly towards you on a hot...
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Every time you blink little glands in your upper and lower eyelids, called Meibomian glands, spread a thin...
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Wear protective eyewear

Getting outdoors and being in the sun is important for general health, but you need to take precautions...
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Moisturise the air

Forced air systems such as air conditioning or central heating which circulate the air throughout your home or...
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Stay hydrated

Every organ in the body needs water to function properly, including your eyes. When the body isn’t properly...
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Pay close attention to your environment

Do you always get dry eyes when you travel? It could be the low moisture levels in the...
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Position your screens below eye level

When you need to spend the majority of every day staring at a screen you should be making...
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Variety of scenarios

There are a variety of scenarios which may impact your dry eye symptoms. The above list is a starting point but be sure to note if there are any other scenarios which need addressing for you. In any case, if you have questions regarding helpful lifestyle tips be sure to ask your eye doctor for advice.