Think you may have dry eyes and are awaiting your first doctor’s appointment?

Your eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine whether or not you have dry eyes. He will likely check your vision as well to ensure no other corrective action is needed. There may be a physical examination of your eyes and possibly a questionnaire asking you about your symptoms.
Additionally, there are some diagnostic tests which may be carried out to assess the quality or quantity of tears. Based on the results of these tests and what he discovers during the examination he will recommend a treatment plan.

Common basic diagnostic tests for dry eye

Lissamine green test

What is a Lissamine green test for dry eye? This dry eye test includes a small piece of...
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Schirmer’s test

What is Schirmer’s test for dry eye? Schirmer’s test is a widely used test for measuring tear production....
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Tear break up time dry eye test

What is a tear break up time (TBUT) test? This is a test which allows a specialist to...
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