Dry eye - Tips tricks ideas

Wearing contact lenses can be a risk factor for developing dry eye. Additionally, some people may be more sensitive to contact lens usage than others.

To minimise your chances of developing dry eye as a result of wearing contact lenses it is important to follow all of the directions for contact lens wear and care. These directions will vary greatly depending on the type of lens you are using but there are some general do’s and don’ts which are always good to follow:


  • Have clean hands when handling your contact lenses. Thoroughly wash your hands before inserting your lenses, taking them out and should you need to adjust them at any point during the day
  • Replace your lenses as often as necessary as per the replacement schedule instructions or your eye doctor’s advice
  • Get into the habit of applying the same lens first, this will minimise the risk that you mix them up
  • Apply your lenses before putting on any make up
  • Remove your lenses before removing any make up
  • Use only the recommended lens solution for disinfecting the lenses
  • Use only the recommended lens solution for storing the lenses
  • Replace your lens storage container once every three months. Many people may not realise that bacteria accumulate inside your lens holder, it should be replaced about as often as you replace your tooth brush!
  • Discontinue use of any lenses that have expired
  • Throw away any lens solution that has expired
  • Have a back up pair of glasses should your lenses start to irritate you. There’s nothing worse than having to choose between discomfort and good vision


  • Use overly fragrant or thick soaps/lotions immediately before handling your contact lenses. These may rub off onto the lenses and irritate your eyes
  • Use expired contact lenses
  • Use expired lens solution
  • Use contact lenses longer than the recommended time (i.e. if you have daily wear lenses, do not sleep in them or wear them for multiple days)
  • Rinse or store your lenses in anything besides the appropriate recommended solution (this includes tap water, saliva, or a mixture of lens care solutions unless otherwise indicated)
  • Borrow a friend’s lenses
  • Lend your lenses to a friend
  • Wear non-prescription beauty lenses without consulting your eye doctor first
  • Apply a lens if it is dirty or damaged
  • Wear your lenses in the pool, hot tub or shower

If you believe your contact lens use is resulting in dry eye symptoms, consult your eye doctor for treatment options.