It may seem counter-intuitive but one of the more common symptoms of dry eye disease is to experience watery eyes.

When the surface of the eye is dry, it is possible that the eye will over produce tears in order to counteract this dryness. This is what causes the watery symptom associated with dry eye.

Why watery eyes?

Dry eye disease often leads the surface of the eye to become irritated. It is this dry irritation which causes your eye to ‘reflex tear’. Unfortunately, these reflex tears do not stay on the surface of the eye long enough to improve the underlying condition of dry eye. The end result is a dry ocular surface with an excess number of tears.

In case of a sudden onset of symptoms, contact your eye doctor

It is the eye’s natural response to flush out any irritants with tears. This is the reason your eyes tear when you cut onions or stand in the wind. Experiencing watery eyes with dry eye or with any minor irritants is not uncommon. However, if you notice a sudden onset of symptoms or watery eyes as a response to eye injury or trauma contact your eye doctor immediately.

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