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Sunglasses are not just for summer! Get into the habit of reaching for your sunglasses every time you leave the house during the day, regardless of the temperature.

Getting outdoors and being in the sun is important for general health, but you need to take precautions to protect yourself. Apart from using sunscreen daily to protect your skin you should also be making sure to care for your eyes daily. Be sure to purchase sunglasses with full ultraviolet protection. One way you can do this is to ensure the sunglasses have a CE mark as this label ensures they offer a safe level of protection.

If you know you will be in an area with exceptionally high levels of sun and/or wind consider wrap around sunglasses to protect your eyes. Safety shields can be added to the tops and sides of sunglasses if you know you will be in a particularly windy climate. Ask about the shields where you buy your sunglasses. If you are participating in any winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding you should always wear goggles with ultraviolet protection. Even if it is not a particularly sunny day, the rays will bounce off the snow and you can very easily experience sunburned eyes and damage to your cornea, a painful condition which is thankfully usually only temporary.

If you work in construction, landscaping or any industry which could result in flying debris it is important to always wear protective goggles. This is also true if you are a ‘do it yourself’er with your own projects around the house.

Finally, it is necessary to note you should never stare directly at the sun. Even during an exciting event such as an eclipse. The ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage to your eyesight and may even lead to blindness.

If you believe your eyes have experienced over exposure to ultraviolet rays or in case of eye trauma or injury you should contact your eye doctor immediately.